el bajo aragón

Our land

A hard weather

The climate of this area is dry steppe and a warm continental sub-Mediterranean climate, which means that the vines planted in the clayey and calcareous soil are subjected to a harsh climate but with Mediterranean dyes, which favors the development of the vines.

An Special land

It is believed that the origin of the expression Bajo Aragón is in the correspondence with the areas close to the lower course of the Ebro within Aragon, which is the lowest altitude area of ​​the community, although it applies only to the south side of the river, since the north side (Monegros) has hardly any water courses and is quite unpopulated.

Viña y Trujal´s Grapes

The Grenache from Viña y Trujal is different from any other because it does not depend on the variety of its plant, but on the soils that feed it, on the special climate of this land, which makes it unique. Knowing the ripening processes of its fruits allows us to obtain genuine, own wines, with exclusive notes and nuances that only the Garnacha variety provides.
Harvested at the time we obtain wines with a surprising freshness, with fruit seasoned in liquor, complex and floral tones that give it the personality of a Grenache from BAJO ARAGÓN, with its soft, silky and fine tannins.